What we Learned at Cooking With Cori

Cori Layton sits smiling with cooking tools to help those with low vision or blindness
Picture of Cori Layton

She brought some tools she recommended using to stay safe in the kitchen:

A glove which can replace a traditional oven mitt to keep you safer in the kitchen    Ove-Glove

One of them was the Ove-Glove, a heat-resistant glove which is thicker than a traditional oven mitt and protects you better than a traditional oven mitt or hot pad. It also has grip pads to prevent slipping.

Other tips for using heat include using the front burners on your oven, ensuring handles are positioned to the side, pull out the racks of the oven when removing baking pans, and use an audible large print timer.

Black measuring cups and spoons can be used to create high contrast when measuring light colored ingredients   OXO Softworks measuring cups and spoons

A major topic was measuring using high contrast, for example the black OXO SoftWorks measuring cups and spoons create contrast with light colored ingredients.

Top view of a OXO liquid measuring cup which has markings visible on a slant inside the cup     OXO Liquid Measuring Cup

This measuring cup allows you to see how much of an ingredient you have while you are pouring from above. It also creates contrast with any dark ingredients you may be using.

Other tips for measuring include using raised markings. Measuring in your hand can also be useful.

This manual chopper can be used to chop ingredients instead of using a knife.    Chopper

This tool can be used to chop ingredients instead of using a knife. The blades are inside the housing on the bottom and are operated using a button on top. It protects your fingers from potentially cutting them using a knife and helps you dice foods easily. Find one on Amazon.

Picture shows a knife with a second metal guide to help cut slices of even thickness.    Knife with slicing guide

Knives with slicing guides can be used to slice food without putting your hands and fingers at risk under the blade. They can help cut beautiful slices, but also hold food and guide it to the cutting board easier.

Other tips for cutting include using a vegetable peeler instead of a knife and cutting away from you.

The final tips that Cori suggests include using meat thermometers to ensure doneness, and as always be safe and have fun in the kitchen!