We can assist and/or represent individuals with disabilities in obtaining access to benefits, services, and programs to which they may be entitled. We also advocate for system changes that bring more equal access to the community.

Information and Referral
Information and referral services to all individuals who need help finding the appropriate community support. We have an updated list of community resources and will provide referrals to the agency/agencies that can best serve the individual.

Peer Support
Our staff members who have disabilities provide support, teaching, and information sharing with consumers to help in overcoming barriers, handling the stresses of having a disability, and sharing resources helpful in maintaining independence.

Independent Living Skills Training
Instruction to develop independent living skills in areas such as personal care, coping, financial management, social skills, and household management. This may also include education and training necessary for living in the community and participation in community activities.

We offer support in finding and retaining employment. Our staff provides assistance and training in job search techniques, résumé writing, and interviewing skills. We provide opportunities to improve work skills through setting up volunteer positions. We have a computer tech lab where we can teach computer skills. We also provide benefit counseling to explain how work income affects Social Security recipients. In addition, we are a certified Ticket To Work network provider.