Older Adult and Senior Services

Our Senior Services program is designed to assist individuals in maintaining their independence for as long as they desire.  All of our core services are available to seniors, depending on need, and we provide strong advocacy aimed at dispelling the many myths of aging which build barriers between older individuals and the community.

The Senior Services program works collaboratively with many other organizations to ensure that seniors receive all the services and benefits available to them in their communities.  These organizations include the Area Agency on Aging, Social Services, Social Security, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, senior centers, home health care agencies, and others.

Services and supports available include the following:

  •   Connecting with in-home health care
  • Locating assistive technologies and home safety devices
  • Learning to use public transportation
  • Assisting with finding Legal help with issues such as end-of-life planning or family finances
  • Support for grandparents raising grandchildren
  • Finding financial benefits available to seniors
  • Obtaining help with home maintenance
  • Low-vision assistance