Community Transition Services

Our Community Transition Services program is designed to assist people who live in a nursing facility and desire to transition into the community.  To be eligible for these services, individuals must have a long-term disability, have Medicaid, and be willing to work with someone to establish greater independence.

A transition coordinator meets with individuals and families to discuss the many facets of transitioning into the community and helps with the decision-making process.  The coordinator then assists in creating a plan for a safe move attending to the following areas:

  • Finding an affordable place to live

  • Coordinating the transition with the nursing facility staff for assistance in the transition process

  • Locating personal and homemaker care

  • Locating accessible housing or promoting home modifications

  • Personal emergency response systems

  • Non-medical transportation

In addition, the Community Transitions Services program may be able to assist with the cost and procurement of security deposits, utility deposits, moving, and household items such as furniture, kitchen items, and initial grocery purchases.  The transition coordinator continues to work with individuals after the move for the first 30-days.