New Therapeutic Yoga Instructor

We’re excited to introduce our new instructor for the Adaptive Yoga class at the Recreation Center:

Tandra Kirkpatrick is a certified yoga teacher with more than 500 hours of training with and assisting Master Instructor Tias Little. She has worked in the health and fitness field for 15 years and is experienced in helping people with a variety of health challenges. Tandra uses props and hands-on adjustments to help each individual adapt yoga poses to suit his or her body.

Tandra worked for several years with the Special Olympics in Farmington, with Thompson Recreation Park, and with the Northern Colorado Medical Center in Greeley. She has taught in yoga studios and assisted in several Prajna Yoga workshops. She is currently studying for her associates degree in physical therapy. Says Tandra, “My belief is that yoga is for everyone. With the proper support and help anyone can do it and can experience great healing benefits.”