Coupon Madness

A Brown paper bag is full of groceries and surrounded by vegetables and cans of food

Connections’ consumer Christina Hernandez and her cousin Denise taught a class on how to save money using coupons. The highlights of the event were when Tina and Denise spoke of their own savings and how much they had saved by couponing.

They also provided insight, such as talking about those little coupons you get at the end of your purchase at King Soopers. They’re called catalinas and they can help you save tons of money when you go shopping.

A coupon is pictured to save one dollar on groceries compliments of Nature ValleyThe two couponers save lots of money by combining the coupons the store gives you, and the coupons manufacturers and brand names give you.

A group of coupons is shown in baseball card sleevesThey also cautioned about dangerous practices which could get someone in trouble when couponing. For example, it is illegal to sell coupons or products.

They showed us their binders full of coupons and talked about how organization is the key to couponing successfully.

And what do we do with expired coupons? Well they recommend sending them to the troops, who can use them for six months after the expiration date. Troopons is one group which gives the coupons to soldiers and their address is:

Support Our Troops

PO Box 70

Daytona Beach, FL 32115


The class will evolve into a support group for people trying to save money on groceries using coupons and the pair has created a Facebook page for those interested.