About Us

Promoting Independent Living

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We are a non-residential, consumer-controlled, not for profit Independent Living Center that promotes independent living and the empowerment of all people

with disabilities. Our mission is to promote the full inclusion and integration of people with all types of disabilities into all levels of society.

Our clientele consists of people of all ages, from birth to old age.  We challenge barriers, both physical and attitudinal, which restrict the rights and personal development opportunities of people with disabilities.  We are one of nine certified Independent Living Centers (ILCs) in the State of Colorado, and we serve individuals in Weld, Morgan, Logan, Washington, Sedgwick, Yuma, and Phillips Counties.

More about Independent Living

The Independent Living Movement began in the 1970’s as an offshoot of the civil rights movement.  At that time people with disabilities began seeking the same rights and freedoms that other people enjoyed.  People with disabilities started to speak out in their communities, advocating for equality and the right to be seen as unique rather than as something to be fixed. Eventually they created Independent Living Centers across the country to support the choice to live as they chose.  Connections was established in 1986.